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Designed to keep you warm

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User-Friendly Controls

The WellHeater home heater can be used by anyone – plug it in, set it to the intensity you want using the remote, and enjoy comforting warmth!

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Created To Save Energy

You don’t have to worry about WellHeater taking your energy bills through the roof – the heater is designed to help you cut heating costs without additional expenses.

WellHeater image
WellHeater image

Safety - No. 1 Priority

Built to be safe around kids and pets, WellHeater technology prevents overheating even when plugged in, avoiding dangerous accidents.

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Unmatched Efficiency

Depending on the size of the room, WellHeater takes no more than 5 minutes to heat the space up to the selected temperature.

Find The Right Number Of WellHeater Heaters For Your Space

Different-sized homes and rooms can require more than one WellHeater heater. Here is how to choose the best option for you.

WellHeater image

1x WellHeater

MEDIUM room (up to 130 sq. ft.)

WellHeater image

2x WellHeater

LARGE room (up to 400 sq. ft.)

WellHeater image

3x WellHeater

SMALL flat (up to 600 sq. ft.)

WellHeater image

4x WellHeater

SMALL home (up to 800 sq. ft.)

Perfect For Every Room

Bedroom space


Living room space

Living room

Basement space


Kitchen space


Bathroom space


Garage space


Life Without WellHeater

  • High heating prices
  • Insufficient heating
  • Hard to regulate temperature
  • Dries out air
  • Can be harmful

Life With WellHeater

  • Affordable heating
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Remote control
  • Does not dry out air
  • Overheat protection
WellHeater users
WellHeater trustscore rating WellHeater trustscore rating Average Rating
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Heat Your Home In 3 Easy Steps

Don’t suffer in cold rooms just to save some money. WellHeater can transform your home in seconds.  

WellHeater image
WellHeater image

Turn It On

Plug the heater into any socket and choose your desired temperature.

WellHeater image
WellHeater image

Wait 60 Seconds

Allow the heater to reach the set temperature in just a minute.

WellHeater image
WellHeater image

Enjoy The Warmth

Relax and enjoy a perfectly-heated home!

Fits Into Any Home Interior

Traditional home heaters are large, bulky, and can be real eyesores in most interiors. WellHeater is compact and discrete, blending into and matching virtually any room, all while maintaining the perfect heated atmosphere.  

Convenient Remote Control

WellHeater image

Safety Kill Switch

WellHeater image
WellHeater image

Be Prepared For The Upcoming Winter

WellHeater Helps You Save

With one of the harshest and most expensive winters knocking on our doors, many are looking for new, more cost-efficient ways to keep themselves warm and comfortable. WellHeater is the new generation of home heating, offering the most efficient heating without unnecessary overspending.


That’s how many homes across the country reported not being able to afford heating prices last season.


With WellHeater, you can spend up to 5 times less on heating compared to traditional methods.
WellHeater image
WellHeater image

Built With Cutting-Edge Technology

Let’s be honest – the way we heat our homes has barely changed in the past couple of decades. It’s time to embrace modern technology. WellHeater is built with ceramic heating plates, allowing it to “store heat”. With this feature, you can continue warming your home even after the heater is turned off.

How It Stands Out Among Others

WellHeater image
Small and portable
Easy to use
Available everywhere
Complete control
Easy installation
WellHeater image
Heat Pump
Central Heating
WellHeater users
WellHeater trustscore rating WellHeater trustscore rating Average Rating
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Thousands of Happy Customers Love WellHeater

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Based On 8,257 Reviews

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WellHeater image WellHeater image
WellHeater image WellHeater image
WellHeater image WellHeater image
WellHeater image WellHeater image
Rachel S. Verified

United States

 image  image

Oustanding Product

I have a small office with a door that is chilled to the core because the administration keeps the winter temperature way too low for comfort. I purchased this heater and it made the difference between freezing and feeling warm. I just plugged it into my outlet above my desk, and now I’m warm without anyone knowing it’s there. Love it!      

James R. Verified

United States

 image  image

I’m Never Going Back

This small heater is perfect for my bathroom which does not have a hot air connection. It’s pretty quiet. It turns off automatically as soon as it reaches the selected temperature. I no longer have a heater on the floor with a cord hanging from the wall that looked awful. I am so happy with my beautiful little heater. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jamie M. Verified

United States

 image  image

Exceeded All Expectations

I replaced the large space heater in our bathroom with this to give us more counter space. It does continue to run and countdown for one minute after you turn it off. Our bathroom is your standard full bath size. And it does fit an outlet just fine as the picture shows. Ours shares one with a power strip no problem. Great little heater!

Alex H. Verified

United States

 image  image

10/10 Investment

I bought this little heater for work and so far, it’s been awesome! I plugged it in under my desk and it puts out a good amount of heat without being too excessive. I also like that it has temperature control instead of just one setting, so I’m always comfortable. Even my colleague started looking into getting one of these for herself!

Milosh R. Verified

United States

 image  image

It’s Irreplaceable

I bought this to keep my seedlings warm on cold nights in a small cooler in a building we have. It kept them at the temp I set it and was better than moving to the house. The plants did fantastically and I have the best plants I’ve had in years. There was no stunting and they looked fantastic when I planted them. Would highly recommend it.

Aiden C. Verified

United States

 image  image

Perfect Choice!

I was skeptical about buying this heater but figured I would take a chance. I am glad I did. I live in a travel trailer so I just needed something that would keep the chill off between using my furnace. It was great for my small bathroom and my bedroom to do just that. I would recommend it. I purchased 2 and I would gladly buy another.

Susanna W. Verified

United States

 image  image

Best Option Out There

My house is very old and the heating in it is terrible. After some renovating it’s a lot better, but the main bathroom is still a freezer. This heater is a lifesaver. It warmed up the room so quickly and effectively, that we decided to get a few more for the garage and basement. So glad I no longer have to wear 3 layers just to brush my teeth!

Carl I. Verified

United States

 image  image

WellHeater is amazing

I work at an animal shelter, which are usually hit very hard in winter. We ordered a bulk of these heaters to keep the pups warm, and it has made a huge difference. Even with just one turned on you can tell they are so much more comfortable. I think all shelters should look into these as a great option, especially with the upcoming season.

WellHeater image

Working in the energy field, I’ve seen my fair share of home heating solutions. The truth is we need something new, as heating is only going to get more expensive. WellHeater has demonstrated great efficiency and temperature maintenance. I highly recommend.

Peter Smith

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